The app

1Who is Umatch for?
Umatch is for anyone contemplating a graduate degree. Whether you’re looking to earn an MBA with an emphasis in entrepreneurship or a Ph.D. in environmental science, the app is your one-stop source for discovering and engaging with graduate schools and programs in your field of interest so that you make the best choices when it comes time to apply.
2What will Umatch help me do?
First, Umatch helps you discover great graduate schools and programs through its Explore and Match features. In the Explore feature, browse over 2,500 graduate programs around the world. Filter for schools by program type, tuition, ranking, average test scores, or other useful criteria. Don’t know where to start or want some suggestions? The Match feature finds schools that match you, your interests, and your career aspirations. After answering a few questions, the app will present you with the schools that fit you best.

Second, Umatch helps you learn more about the schools and programs you’re interested in. Once you discover programs, connect with them to see more detailed information about the school or program’s ranking, location, size, and average test scores. Connecting with a school adds it to your school list so that you can easily keep track of where you want to apply. Connecting also lets the school itself contact you with more information about programs, events, and important application tips and reminders.
3How does Umatch’s School Matcher work?
Umatch’s Matcher feature first walks you through a series of questions to get a sense of you, your educational background and plans, and your school or program preferences. Our proprietary algorithm then compares this information with our robust database of schools and considers similar applicants and the schools they’ve chosen to find your ideal matches.
4What does it mean to connect with a school or program?
Connecting with a school or program places that school or program on your schools list and allows you to view more information about it. Connecting also signals to the school that you're interested in the program so that the school can send you additional information about programs, events, or applications. Connecting with a school does not affect your chances of admission to that school, and it also does not guarantee that the school will reach out to you with additional information.
5Who makes Umatch?
Umatch was created by LTG, an education technology company founded at MIT and maker of the top-rated study apps Prep4GMAT, Prep4SAT, Prep4GRE, Prep4PSAT, and now Prep4ACT. LTG’s apps help students maximize their time and realize their potential on standardized tests for free as well as take their next step on their educational journey.
6What devices can I use Umatch on?
Umatch is free to download for iOS and Android. Check out our page on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.
7Do I need WIFI to use Umatch?
Nope! Umatch is designed so that you can discover schools anywhere, anytime no matter WIFI or cell service availability.


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